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Is spending a lot of money on a helmet worth it???


Let me start off with I’m still a live and my head is intact.


I’ve had two crashes over the last few years and unfortunately and I guess thankfully, they only involved me and the road. On both occasions I was run off into a gravel shoulder and then as trying to get back on the road the asphalt was much higher than the gravel and over the bars I went.


So is spending a lot of money on a good helmet worth it. Well I have to say YES. I ended up with concussion on the weekend but without the helmet I think my skull would be stuck to the road.


When you’re considering your next want on the bike, consider getting a solid well know brand of helmet. It can give you the aero advantage, weight saving but most importantly lifesaving advantage.





Last weekend Results


It was great to see Brandon Conway and William Pender Buchan take on the NSW State Criterium Championships. Brandon didn’t have any luck with our plan of getting in or creating  break that would stick, so he helped out fellow BikeMe athlete Will with a lead out that saw Will get up for 4th. Fantastic result and some awesome numbers shown by the boys.

Watch these two boys in the Oceania’s coming up.





BikeMe's New Kit is finally here.



We're really pleased with the new kit and the 1st shipment is on it's way to it's new owners.


Thank you to the sponsor that have made it possible.


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BikeMe now has it's own BikeMe Zwift Team


I want to thank Peter "Barney" Barnett for setting up and organising the page and the team for BikeMe. 

Check out the guys on the Zwift Facebook Link 





BikeMe  is very excited and super proud to announce that Brandon Conway has been accepted from 100's of applicants into the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) Road Talent Long Squad.


This is a perfect opportunity for Brandon to a pathway into the NSWIS High Performance Unit for future selection to higher level squads and NRS teams. The program also provides logistical and on-road support at major events for its riders, something that will give Brandon a big confidence boost.
All the Best Brandon, we've got a lot of work in front of us but i'm ready and i know you are.








Coaching Services is very proud to announce Brandon Conway and Mitchell Rankin have been awarded a 12 month Coaching scholarship with us.


I?m really excited about getting these guys on board and having the opportunity to grow some more Australian talent.


Look out for these names because they have the ability, ambition and motivation to take them where ever they want.


Remember to keep checking back in to see what?s been happening with their training and success.



Brandon Conway had a massive weekend of racing.

Saturday was 2016 Keegan Downes Memorial Sundowner Handicap Cycling Classic 104 klm's of racing and came 37th out of 76 Starters. If that wasn't good enough for a young up and coming gun, He then raced Gunnedah to Tamworth 106 klm's and came 2nd in his division. What a great weekend he had. Now time to prep for the under 19 Nationals in 2 weeks. 



Brandon Conway @brandoncycles
Mitchells details to come soon.




Brandon Conway



Mitchell Rankin





 Do you want to be able to ride like


Jack Bobridge, then contact BikeMe






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Thanks to our major sponsors:

Cycle House, Cycling Physiotherapy and Blue Hive Finance.


BikeMe athletes will be racing every weekend at various races. 


We have committed ourselves to racing all the Eastern Vets Team Road Races for winter and will also be racing in there scratch races as well.

We will be aiming at CCCC (Caulfield Carnegie Cycling ) Southern Masters, Northern Combine and of course Cycling Victoria (CSV) events.


Keep checking back to see our schedule and of course results.   


It doesn't matter where you start. Just start and you'll never look back.



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7 Good Reasons to get a Coach


1.     Structure

For many athletes, setting up the structure of their training is the hardest step. There are many components involved in how you prepare for your event. Factors like experience, goal time, time to train and others all come into play. This also makes it confusing. When should you do a base period? How long should your build be? You can certainly work to manage all of this, but it can frustrating. One athlete wrote in that having a coach helps her, ?To avoid obsessing over my training.? Another athlete wrote that having a coach helps since it provides, ?Focused effective workouts versus my rambling attempts.?

2.     Accountability

Another popular answer, accountability, is something a coach can provide in a one-on-one manner. For some, knowing someone else is going to see if they miss or shorten a workout gets them out the door. As one athlete put it, ?I can not follow a plan without guidance and being checked.? For those that need to have someone else to be accountable to, nothing is more effective than a coach.

3.     Motivation

Hand in hand with accountability, motivation was another popular answer. Daily training, while effective, can also be draining. From hard tempo runs to long bike rides, the training can be daunting at times. Having someone else to cheer you on and push your limits can make all the difference. ?I know what I need to know but find excuses,? wrote one athlete. Having a coach encourage you through training, and even through the down days can keep you on track to reach your goals. The mental aspect of training can not be underestimated. When you have support you can reach higher. One comment that stood out was, ?Because he makes me feel like a world champion!?

4.     Offer Wisdom, Smarts & Race Tactics

There are certainly plenty of resources available to athletes- at times it can be too much. Picking and choosing from the multitude of literature on training can be time consuming and stressful. Having someone invested in your goals to wade through that and provide a clear plan allows you to focus solely on getting the work done. One commenter wrote that their coach, ?Has forgotten more than I know about how to race and how to get faster.? Additionally, coaches can shorten the learning curve of endurance sports training. They can, as one athlete put it, ?impart some of their wisdom and experience on those of us hoping to achieve what they have.? Coaches also give the feedback necessary to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly by providing unbiased comments. They give, ?Impartial advice and critical analysis,? as one commenter wrote.

5.     Reduce the Chance of Overtraining & or Injury

Endurance training can be addictive, and overtraining is a real concern. Having someone else to monitor not just your daily workouts but your overall health can keep you from overdoing it. ?Without her I'd be doing nothing or way too much,? wrote one athlete about her coach. Additionally, rest is as necessary as training in order to make fitness gains. For many athletes, taking a rest is the hardest part of training. Coaches can, ?reign me in and rest,? as one athlete wrote. Going too hard, too often can lead to injury, something no athlete wants to experience. Having a coach pull back your training before an injury happens is highly valuable.

6.     Are you Time Poor

This is an area where a coach can help the most. As one athlete wrote, ?I know I can apply effort. Being short on time, I need someone that knows more than me to make sure I'm putting it where it counts.? The majority of athletes have limited time to spend training, so ensuring that every session matters and no time is wasted is key. Having an unbiased expert create a plan that works with your schedule and directly address your strengths and weaknesses can take you to the next level without wasting your most precious resource- time.

7.     To do the Thinking for Them

Whether it?s analyzing a run, looking at your overall season, or addressing a weakness, there is a seemingly never ending list of elements to incorporate into your plan. This can be overwhelming to many athletes. This is where the coach not only saves time but frustration as well. ?I don't want spend time on thinking what to do, to improve my performance,? wrote in one athlete.


Many athletes wrote in citing several of the elements in the list above. That?s one of the biggest benefits of all; the fact that you can gain so many advantages from one single person. We are encouraging athletes to dream bigger than ever for 2015, and as many coached athletes will agree with, working with a coach may be the smartest step you can take towards achieve those goals.