Bike Fit

Bike fitting methods can vary from a piece of paper to a full blown 3D computer software program.

At BikeMe we apply sports science research and sound biomechanical principles to analysis of you’re cycling ergonomics. In short, we cater for you as an individual and not just a number.

Imperative data to the analysis is:

  • Your postural and musculo-skeletal profile
  • Current positioning on the bicycle
  • Shoe cleat and pedal positioning
  • Fundamental pedaling technique


We aim to arrive at a cycling position to suit you within about an hour. To ensure we meet your needs we look at all aspect of your riding, training, racing and also taken into consideration is any previous injuries or anything that may limit your ability. An in-depth observation and enhancement of your pedaling technique will also be completed to make sure you have a smooth pain free pedal stroke.

After your initial set up I strongly suggest you spend a week or so adjusting to the changes and look at following this up with another appointment to ensure you’re comfortable and pain free.
At the end of the BikeFits, athletes will come away with a finalized ride position, a RIDE Report including a record of pre and post change measurements, exercises for postural assimilation and improved skill acquisition.

Charge $150.00 Please allow 1.5hrs


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