Coached Rider Results

Great weekend of racing.


Brandon Conway had a massive weekend of racing.

Saturday was 2016 Keegan Downes Memorial Sundowner Handicap Cycling Classic 104 klm's of racing and came 37th out of 76 Starters. If that wasn't good enough for a young up and coming gun, He then raced Gunnedah to Tamworth 106 klm's and came 2nd in his division. What a great weekend he had. Now time to prep for the under 19 Nationals in 2 weeks. 


Tony Quick is in great form right now winning the Hume Veterans Handicap today. Not only winning it but actually attacking his group and riding away on a 11 km solo TT averaging 40 plus K's an hour. Tony's now looking at the VRS Eildon race and then backing up with Melbourne to Ballarat the following week. Stumping it.




The BikeMe riders have had a great weekend so far.


Tom Thuijs is racing in the Goldfield Cycle Classic in WA and came 3rd in Stage one on Saturday. He's feeling good and looking forward to Stage 2 to see if he can top it off.


Tony Quick raced the Fred Icke Road Race Saturday the 4th June in some very wet and miserable conditions. Out of 50 starters only 42 finished.

Tony felt good throughout the race and feel’s he just mistimed some attacks and the wet conditions on the last round about. But what a fantastic result to finish 11th in a group of 27 finishing on the same time.


Well done mate, you’ve got some great form.




Have you ever thought about Everesting?

Now take it a step further and do it Dubai.


That's what Andrew Kaszubski did.


Strava Hall of Fame


AndrewKEverested.jpg - large



Believe it or not it wasn’t as bad as you may expect after such an attempt. (my wife was surprised, I ate so much and drank so much early I got to the point where I could only consume gels and drink towards the middle/back end. I only started eating real food in the last 2 reps.


I got up there the night before at about 10:00pm and got to sleep in the hotel at 11:00pm.


I woke up at 3:30am, showered got ready and drove to the bottom of the mountain.


The temperature was about 18oC and the road well lit at night, so I got going at about 4:30am


There wasn’t much traffic and sometime during the morning after sunrise, some other cyclists came up and started doing reps which was nice (just to see someone and wave to them on the way through).


As the day heated up, more cars came and the cyclists left.


The day got hotter than I expected, I think it nearly got to 40oC on my garmin at one point. There wasn’t much wind at the bottom, however, I had a fairly strong/gusty wind at the top.


Not much fun, but hell, it wasn’t about PR on time, so I just ground it out. It was also good just to cool off a bit.


Just before sunset, I broke my chain. It fell off 3 times before snapping. I thought something was wrong with the gears at first. I rolled to the bottom and lucky I had a spare chain so I got it on and away I went.


I felt flat after that, stopped for too long and was getting some cramps in weird places (like the hip flexors) when I was bending over to put the chain on.


It got really busy in the evening with heaps of cars going up the mountain, so I had to be careful. I have a picture of cars trying to get into the top carpark banked up for 300m in 2 lanes.


Slowly people left and it was all silent and dark again.


My muscles were pretty sore on the last 2 reps but just got through it.





Southern Masters Casey 1st Feb 2015


Not the best of weather today but Garth had a awesome result. Coming off not feeling to well and a crash the other week, he was still strong enough to take a win. Super result.

Garth2-2-15SthMas1st1.jpg - large


Eureka Cycling Club 1st Feb 2015

Tony Quick and Matthew Bowman raced out at the Eureka Cycling club. Tony didn't have the best of races going really well for 3-4 of the race but then developed cramps which shot his chances. 
Matthew Bowman had an awesome race and came away with a win. Great smile for a winner.

MatthewBowman.jpg - large



Southern Masters Casey 25th Jan 2015


Garth and Andrew raced today but with Garth being sore from coming off racing on Tuesday night he was feeling like a passenger. Andrew worked extremely hard but missed a 4 man break and came home in 5th.


Southern Masters Sandown 22nd Jan 2015


Awesome result from Tristan Batey winning B grade with an attack of the front.

Congrats and well deserved, now lets get that power metre really ticking over.


CCCC Glenvale Cres Mulgrave 18th Jan 2015


A tough day out racing at Glenvale any given day in A grade. Andrew tried and tried and missed out on a result. Below pic of Andrew stringing out the bunch.


AndrewSeenCCCC20-1-15.png - large


Below is a You-Tube link to a short clip from Andrew who lives in Dubai.


Andrew participated in an event called the Coast to Coast. It was 200ks plus and across some very hot and steep conditions. Well worth watching.


30-11-14 Southern Vets Casey


Garth Kotnik nearly pulled of a double header down at Casey on Sunday. He just got pipped on the line. There's always next week.


22-11-14 Eastern Vets Mulgrave


 Garth Kotnik raced at Mulgrave and had a hard race being the only BikeMe rider there. He attacked after 25 minutes but sadly had no company and stayed out there for 5 laps and then fell back in to the group. Three or four riders got away with 10 minutes to go and stayed away. Garth finished in the group.


23-11-14 Southern Masters Casey


Garth Kotnik raced at Casey and pulled of an awesome win.  You’ll see by the photos, Garth is a bloody dedicated and determined athlete and if he’s plowing down on you looking like that, then you better move.


Weekend Racing Wrap Up 4th & 5th October 2014

We had some sensational weather and that matched the results as well.

Brenton Jukes (BikeMe Team) raced the Eastern Vets crits and had a bit of back luck pulling up with a cramp that even crippled him all the way home as well. Not a great start to the crit season but hey you can only get better.

Paul Anderson raced his first D grade race down at a Super fast St Kilda crit race. He averaged 39km for D grade. That's quick. Paul was stocked to finish in the top 25% of field. Awesome job.

Marcus Prentice was back down to CCCC Mulgrave crits and it sounds like a baptism of fire for his first race back. Racing B grade there can be up and down and yep there was a down and Marcus got stuck behind him. Good job to stay up right. Always next week.

Garth Kotnik (BikeMe Team), raced down at CCCC Mulgrave in A Grade. A grade had a super field and there was a break of 5 that didn't give up, they lapped the field around the 46min mark and even then there was only 20 riders left. Super high speed with a average of 45km for the 1st 45 minutes. Great job Garth.

Andrew Seen (BikeMe Team), raced the Australian Masters Nationals up at Ballarat on the weekend in MAS 5. And what a impressive result coming in 11th in a super quality field. That's well hell of an effort.

Vaughan Bowman (BikeMe Team / Seight) raced the Australian Masters Nationals as well and had a great weekend away. Going solo from basically the 1st lap it took the field 40km to actually catch up to Vaughan and then they couldn't control him either. Down to kick for the line and Vaughan came across 2nd. Unreal result for the field Vaughan was racing.

I'm super proud of everyone's results and you should be proud of yourselves as well.


104th Melbourne to Ballarat 98klm Handicap


Well BikeMe had a great race coming away with 7th place.


The weather being cold and a head wind was always going to play a part.


Starting off limit is a great advantage but it also puts a lot of responsibility on the stronger riders to encourage others in the group to work as hard. We started off pretty strongly but dropped a few within 10-15kms. We had to average 40ks plus and some athletes struggled pulled there turns which reduced our working athletes.


We hit the start of the climbs and lost a few more athletes. By the times we got to around 35ks we were done to 8 athletes, 6 working doing turns an 2 sitting in unable to pull a turn or just hanging on.


At the 41k mark we were told the 28 minute group were 2min 45seconds behind. There was no way we were slowing down for them, they had to come to us. At the 47k mark they were 1min 30second behind. We turned off the main highway at around 50ks and just before then I could feel my knee starting to really hurt and I struggled to put any pressure through the pedal.


I expected the 28min group to catch up us between 50-55ks and I was right. About 10 athletes came across and joined with us given us a group of around 16-18. We worked well together and I knew we would get some relief half way around the loop because we’d get a side wind and then a tail wind for about 10ks. And that tail wind made a big difference. During that we lost a 2 riders nearly straight away. The speed crept up and we were all trying to pull strong turns with a tail wind but that just hurt you more. By now my knee was truly killing and I could only pull a turn every now and then and felt shocking for being lazy but I couldn’t do anything about it besides hang in there.


We turned and got back on the Freeway and knew we had a great chance now of not getting caught. At around 82ks we were told we had about 5min on the chasing bunch being scratch. We did slow down because we were losing workers (me being one) but pushed on. At 92ks we were told still 5min, so we were holding them off.


There was 14 of us left by the last corner leading into the last K. We all wanted the best position and bunched up which saw some riders trapped against the gutter. I made my way to the middle of the lane trying to get some cover from the wind but also a clear exist to sprint. With about 300-350m to go there was an attack. 6 riders made the move straight of the front. I tried to go with it but didn’t have the strength or the knee. I sprinted for about 100-150m and then had another rider come past me. I attacked again because I knew I couldn’t catch the 6 up front but I also didn’t want to lose another spot. The calves were crapping but I didn’t give in coming away with 7th.


6-7-14 Southern Masters Modella 
A Grade 
1st Vaughan Bowman (BikeMe), Tim Jamieson, Julien Fleurus 37.00 kph

6-7-14 Northern Vets Crit
C Grade 
1st David Carlon (BikeMe) 


Eastern Vets Athletic Soft Tissue Handicap


Paul Anderson is one of those athletes that's a pleasure to coach. Just two weeks ago he broke his own PB up Kinglake by 2min 30seconds. And today he came 2nd in the Athletic Soft Tissue handicap held by Eastern Vets.


 I am extremely proud of Paul and fondly think of him as Thomas the Tank Engine, he just never gives up.


A well deserved result.


 Warburton Road Race and Time Trial Road Race 


Well not the best weather conditions to say the least but some how Vaughan Bowman over came not only the weather but also being told he came second until it went to video review. And you couldn't ask for a better final result, Vaughan Bowman 1st A Grade Open Warburton Road Race winner 2014. Sensational and I'm very happy for his result.


To back up after a stunning result last weekend racing at the Tour of South West and to win today, is truly fantastic. Keep your eye out for Vaughan in the coming months.


Time Trial


Again in some shocking conditions, Andrew Kaszubski had a awesome result in his 1st Time Trial and 2nd ever bike event. Andrew came a very impressive 3rd in D grade and also hit a new PB. In wet and windy event and to get a podium and a PB, you just cant get much better then that. Well done Andrew.

Andrew's time was 1hr 1min 56 sec. 


Tour of the South West 


Final results for Tour of the South West


Vaughan Bowman 
Mens A Grade 4th overall GC. 
Stage 1 2nd + 5 Sprint points & 4 KOM points
Stage 2 15th
Stage 3 30th + 2 Sprint points
Fantastic result and well deserved.


27-4-14 CCCC Mulgrave

In the last crit for the season Garth Kotnik secured himself a 4th down at Mulgrave as well today. What a great way to top of a awesome Crit season. Until Summer boys, stay up right.


13-4-14 CCCC Mulgrave


2nd Vaughan Bowman


4th Rob Tighello


And what awesome support by Garth Kotnik and Andrew Seen.


Well done guys.


22-3-14 & 23-3-14 Mansfield Crit and Mt Buller Road Race


Well Mt Buller Road Race done and dusted for another year.


Here's a brief update on the boys results today.


All the grades were a LOT faster this year than last year.


* Brenton Jukes went into the race tired from his 100k MTB race last weekend and also the fast paced crit race yesterday but stuck it out and finished 48th in C grade in 1hr 48min 11sec.


* Andrew Kaszubski riding in his first race finished a very impressive 8th in Masters C grade in 1hr 49min 16sec.


* Peter Waldron also came into today race zapped from the crit yesterday but did an awesome job to finish 38th Masters C grade in 1hr 55min 20 sec. His previous best was 2hrs 14min 18 sec. So a smashing new PB.


* Paul Anderson also had a massive PB with finishing 62nd in Masters C grade in 2hrs 19min 54sec. In 2013 Paul’s time was 2hrs 29min 31sec so smashed 10mins off.


* Paul Newell was nervous yesterday racing in his first race ever in the crit but today came up to form with finishing 61st Masters C grade 2hrs 15min 5sec.


Myself i finished 39th Masters C grade in 1hr 55min 37sec. With a shocking lead up with injuries and lack of form it's all i could do.


All in all it was a great weekend for BikeMe.


It makes me very proud to coach and ride with all of the guys.


There's coaching and then there's coaching and having friends and I’ll take the later anytime.


22-3-14 Eastern Vets Mulgrave


Garth went down there by himself and had a awesome result pulling in a 2nd place in A grade. Well done mate your super strong.


16-3-14 Golden Triangle


Brenton Jukes wins Golden Triangle Epic 100km MTB Race


A huge congrats to Brenton for his win today.

What a great result for someone that was doubting himself.


 27-2-14 Southern Masters Sandown

Another great result tonight for BikeMe.

Barney got away in a three man break that stayed away.

Strong head wind in the home straight meant not many riders were game enough to try and bridge the gap. A smart and well timed ride by Barn and a well deserved 2nd. Great work.


Garth went off the front early in the race which set up the second attack that gt Barn to the finish.


It was great to have Robert Tighello, Vaughan Bowman, Garth Kotnik and Brenton Jukes down there tonight.

Great to see it guys.


25-2-14 CCCC Sandown. 

What an awesome result for BikeMe.

1st A Grade Rob Tighello 

1st B Grade Julian Paynter

The conditions threatened us with strong winds, rain and possible thunderstorms. What we got was a pretty still night and not a drop of rain.

Rob was super strong in the sprint and just played with them to the end.

Julian told me before the start he was going to go with two laps to go and true to his word he did and never looked back.

Garth stuck in there in A grade and Brenton and myself did what we could in B grade.

Bring on Southern Masters Thursday night.

It was great to get a photo of the five us after the race tonight.


22-2-14 Eastern Vets Teams Race at Mulgrave.

Our first of many to come teams races. Barney showed his form today and went off in a break of about 10 or so but he was out numbered and three got away. Barney didn't give up and came in a strong 5th. Brenton did a great job of leading out Garth for the 3rd groups sprint and Garth went across winning that sprint and finishing 9th. Goods times to come.


20-2-14 Southern Masters Sandown


Robert Tighello's first race in his new BikeMe kit, Peter Barnett (Barney) and Garth Kotnik raced Southern Masters A grade tonight down at Sandown and Rob got up for the win in fantastic style. Barney came in strong with a 6th and Garth hung in there to end. What an awesome result for Rob's for race in the BikeMe kit.

Great work guys


16-2-14 CCCC Mulgrave


Peter Barnett (Barney) went down to Mulgrave CCCC crits to support Robert Tighello but the weather was a little bit wet. Barney still took to the start line and had a great race and pulled off a 6th place. He's looking very fit and strong recently so watch out.


Garth Kotnik raced at Casey in the Sth Masters crit and took off on in a breakaway only 6 minutes in to the race. A couple of other guys from the Northern Vets got across and outnumbered Garth and they worked him over and had one get away. Garth was strong enough to stick it out and out sprint the let over of the breakaway. Great strong race by Garth. Brenton Jukes was also in the race and bridged across to Garth at one point but when the Nth Vets riders were working Garth over, they also work Brenton over. Brenton had a good strong finish. 


Full race reports from the athletes are now being uploaded to the Rider Results page. 


Alpine Classic


Report written by Marcus


Well another 200km Alpine Classic down and happy to say a successful one.

This is my 4th attempt at the Alpine Classic and the first two weren't very successful.

The first two attempts I managed to cook myself both times and didn't quite make it to the finish.

Two years ago I started training with BikeMe coaching and happy to say it has made a big difference and hence finished the last two.

This year was my best year yet and felt the freshest out of all four. The weather was allot cooler this year with a top of only 30 degrees which helped allot.

I rode this year with one of the other BikeMe boys and it was good to have someone to keep you going and remind you to eat and drink at the right times.

For the first part of this year's ride I took a different approach and rode allot more conservatively which made a difference.

The climbs up both Tawonga gap and Falls creek were reasonably comfortable trying to drink as much as I could to be as hydrated as possible for the hotter part of the day and the climb up Mt Buffalo.

The climb back over Tawonga gap was not as bad as I thought it was going to be as the day was starting to heat up. We made it back to Bright in good time and I was feeling very fresh and ready to take on Mt Buffalo.

I decided to push myself up Mt Buffalo and when I got to the bottom upped the tempo and pushed myself for the first half.

The day was starting to really get warm and about half way up I was really feeling the heat. I slowed the pace for the second half and made it to the top with no problems.

The ride back down to Bright was great especially feeling so good after such a tuff ride.

I put it all down to better training and education about hydration and eating from the BikeMe coaching.

Roll on 2015 for another Alpine Classic.


29-12-13 Southern Masters Casey

A grade down at Casey Fields. Garth Kotnik went out in a 3 man break to stay away and get the win. To win at Casey can be very hard because your always in view and not to mention the wind just loves to rip through that area. Awesome result Garth 2014 is going to just get better.


12-12-13 Southern Masters

A grade. James and Barney raced.

Huge turn out for a great night of racing with perfect weather.

I personally had a great race and was basically in all the breaks. The last important break went with about 5 laps to go. With 2 laps to go my knee went ping and didn't want to play in the break anymore. I went back to the chase group and tried to help Barney get up there for a place. Unfortunately it didn't happen. X Pro Robert Tighello got up for the win. 


3-12-13 CCCC Sandown

CCCC at Sandown B Grade. James and Marcus raced.

It was a pretty warm night with a tough head wind up the home straight. Several little breaks occurred during the night and one lucky group who jumped in with A grade stayed away and got the cash. I had a bit of bad luck and thought i had a rear puncture 40 minutes in. I pulled out of the race, checked it and found it wasn't flat at all. So i decided to chase to get back on. After 3/4 of a lap i was back but i was also spent. I sat in and just wanted to finish. I found myself in the top 20 or so on the last corner so i decided to just power to the line staying seated and came about 10th. Happy with that.


5-12-13 CCCC Mulgrave

CCCC Glenvale Cres Mulgrave. Rocked up and thought it would be interesting race with the temperature and wind, so set about warming up. Not to self, when racing with 50mm deep dish rims have 60mm valves because when you a puncture a 40mm valve wont cut it. So in short I didn't get to race.