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Italy Bike Tour Training Programs

What training program do you need to ensure you’re comfortable and able to achieve your goals and really enjoy the experience of your tour.


So how do you get your mind and body ready to take in every climb, descent and vista view?

At BikeMe, we understand you might not be a Pro or you could be but every rider is different to the next. You might arrive at your Tour totally exhausted from already running around looking at all the awesome landmarks around Italy. What BikeMe can do is make sure you’ve done everything possible to be well prepared and excited to get on the bike and cherish the experience that Italy Bike Tours offers.


BikeMe Coaching offer various training programs to meet all lifestyles and budgets. We all have different things in our lives and might only be able to spend 5 hours a week training or you could be lucky have 30 hours a week. Either way, BikeMe have you covered.

So what do you need to do now?

Contact BikeMe and let us know what Tour and what date you’ve booked with Italy Bike Tours.

Click on the links below to see some sample plans on what's recommended for each level for your upcoming tour.

  • The training program is only a guide. Consider your own health and abilities when completing any training. Ensure your flexible with your training as well. If you miss a day due to other commitments, don’t panic there’s always tomorrow.
  • Full personalized programs will consist of a lot more detail specifically for you and the tour your going on. The program can be based on Power / Watts, Heart rate or Perceived effort.


Level 1 Training Guide TRANQUILISMIO

Daily Distance

20 - 50 Klm

Daily Elevation

100 – 400 VM

Level 2 Training Guide

Daily Distance

40 – 100 Klm

Daily Elevation

200 – 1200 VM

Level 3 Training Guide

Daily Distance

80 – 120 Klm

Daily Elevation

1000 – 1800 VM

Level 4 Training Guide

Daily Distance

80 – 180 Klm

Daily Elevation

1500 – 4000 VM